What is "Oneness" Centrum?

There is no doubt that the greatest challenge for us now is the art of understanding things around and inside us. Every man, young or old, healthy or ill, poor or rich longs for the only thing – to be happy. We all are the creators of our everyday reality, the creators of our own and collective destiny.

Therefore the real happiness is the moment when you understand how your life is created (literally radiated into space), and how you can create the circumstances for happiness and prosperity. In fact, you will realize that it is not you yourself who creates the happiness. On the contrary, it is the oneness of the being, joyful, unforced and harmonious power of nature which you can find inside of you and which will penetrate your life if you want it and allow it to happen. In other words, your happiness depends on how much you are able to experience your joy inside and follow it and how much you are able to identify with it. Right now, while are you reading, have a look inside of you whether you really feel happiness or not. It would be best to keep on looking until the feeling of happiness appears. At this moment you are creating your own future. If you want to fulfil your life, look for this connection with the power of being inside of you, which also gives you a joy and happiness.

The moment you realize the creative power inside of you has a great power. It can completely change your present way of life. It can bring gentleness, sharing and real love into your relations, it can uncover your lifetime dream – the vision, which will spontaneously come true, it can heal your body, help you to find a partner or a new work. You will get rid of things you depend on so that you can freely live and express yourself. What you are looking for is already inside of you. But now you can see it as your own physical reality which is at hand when you are not afraid to be open to it. Your life will start to vibrate with harmonious power of nature and you will most probably become the strong inspiration for the people around you. You are connected with the whole nature, with every man, so your awakening automatically influences a great amount of people. You are led to this step by personal predispositions but it is important to use all your sincerity and personal capacity – the energy which you had accumulated by your own effort or which you take from outer natural sources.

Oneness Centrum is a place with high natural energy. It is space created for you to meet yourself and omnipresent being. In the force field of this place the obstacles that prevent you from feeling happy will be spontaneously dissolved and the circumstances for deeply fulfilling life will be created. During this process you will find the bliss inside of you and unforced activity as the basic quality of life. If you experience this inner state properly the joy and effortless creativity and prosperity can become your everyday reality.

The project Oneness Centrum was established in 2006. At present we are preparing the reconstruction of premises so that the potential of the place can serve the public even better.

Cultural Stay / Pobyt

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The accommodation capacity of the centre is 41 beds, in 18 two-bed and one five-bed rooms + 18 extra beds. All rooms are equipped with the washbowl with hot and cold water. New toilets are on the first floor. Twelve rooms on the South-West side have the balcony with a view to the valley.


The boarding facilities consist of kitchen where we prepare meals for the accommodated guests or for the visitors announced in advance. Upon the arrangement you can choose between regular, vegetarian or macrobiotic meals; or, if you wish, also the meals prepared from bio-foods. We will gladly prepare you also the tea from the local herbs. In the entire cottage there is a very high quality well-water on the tap.

A large room for 50 people is available (equipped with the carpet and comfortable pillows). Adjoining room with the hearth, so called “hearth-room”, can accommodate up to 21 people. On the first floor you can use a smaller meditation room for approx. 10 persons.


You can relax with the books from our still growing library. On the reception desk you can buy some sweets, juices, mineral waters, etc.

There is also the sport playground near the cottage (volleyball net and ball are available) and the fireplace.

The access is via the motor-road up to the cottage (in winter season there is sometimes necessary to use snow chains – see the description of the route: route). Near the cottage there is a parking place for accommodated guests.

The resort is in the year-round operation.

ubytování Pricelist:
stay with full board CZK 615

Age 0 – 3: free of charge (not entitled to a bed)
Age 3 – 5: CZK 430
Age 6 – 12: CZK 470

(Price includes the community fee for the accommodation capacity.)
Dogs we accommodate only exceptionally, upon previous arrangement, the additional fee is CZK 50 per day.

We usually provide the accommodation to groups for 2 or more nights with full board; the shorter stay is possible upon individual arrangement.

The cancellation conditions for booked stays:

The cancellation fees for cancelled stays in our educational centre are usually resolved by the individual arrangement for the satisfaction of each party. However, the programmes and stays are being prepared for the long time in advance and require the necessary time for the organisation and ensuring all the requirements. The cancellation conditions are determined in consideration of these facts and the nature of the resort operation:

   - cancellation of the stay 60 – 41 days in advance: 20 % from the previously arranged price
   - cancellation of the stay 40 – 31 days in advance: 35 % from the previously arranged price
   - cancellation of the stay 30 – 14 days in advance: 50 % from the previously arranged price
   - cancellation of the stay 13 – 4 days in advance: 80 % from the previously arranged price
   - cancellation of the stay 3 days in advance or less or during the stay: 100 % from the previously arranged price

If you cancel the booked stay and you arrange an equivalent substituting person for your stay, no cancellation fees will be charged.

Cancellation of the stays of the children and families with the children are always assessed individually, according to individual cases. If the stay is terminated due to the serious medical condition, you are required to submit the confirmation from the physician and to inform us about your leaving, if this is the case. For such cases you can utilise the individual travel insurance, including the insurance of costs related to the withdrawal from the contract.

By ordering the stay, you are confirming that you are familiar with the above conditions and will adhere to them.

Thank you.